Midnight Skies

by Rhadamanthys

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released August 22, 2014

Rhadamanthys is:
Charlie Monroy - Guitar

Guest Musicians:
Jeff DeMarco - Vocals
Davidjohn Blodgett - Keyboards
Chris Farmerie - Bass
Darren Cesca - Drums
Eli James - Bass on “Children” and “Polaris”

Mixed and engineered by Mikko Karmila at Finnvox Studios
Mastered by Jacob Hansen at Hansen Studios
Cover, artwork, and logo by Michał Klimczak



all rights reserved


Rhadamanthys Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Oblivion
Path of darkness
Into buried memories
Digging through the remnants of my own defeats
A cynical reflection of your shattered dreams

As recurring nightmares
Wander through the realms of time
Your haunting ghost, my reality
A distorted image of the cunt you were

A quiet cry
Across pale moon light
A tortured soul has realized
It’s no longer part of your lies

Rising above
A dying dream
Longing to find my way out
Of your faded memories

My soul screams and crawls
Haunted by forgotten oath
Captured within scarred soul
Welcome to oblivion

Nothing but a faded memory
Forgotten in time
Condemned by deceit
Track Name: Of Dreams and Deception
Corrupting minds
Throughout generations
Promising unreal worlds
Full of false dreams
Illusions are more important
Than the truth

Fables and traditions, mythology at best
Constantly insulting human dignity
While already knowing there is no cure for death

Hijacking morality
While praising an underachieving God
Religious men without intelligence
Rule intelligent men without religion
An ironic concept created by your ignorance and fear

Tyranny rules as it profits from blind masses
As reason sleeps
New monsters emerge

Don't need invisible means of support
Nor need to hide for not being blind
Track Name: Within the Embrace of Despair
Deep into obscurity
Dimension of forgotten souls
Dwells and lurks upon thee

As I turn to stone
As conviction abandons me
Overshadowed soul
Uncertain destiny

Nothing is left
But the wishful thought
Of a perpetual dream
That may not come
Track Name: Midnight Skies
The nocturnal few
Have gathered once again
Bound by hellish league
Igniting flames of silenced fears

Corrupted minds
Born beneath the fallen star
Through ignorant times
They rend their holy blades

In the midnight skies
Darkness calls out his name
And on the brink of dusk
Insanity exhales

Under his unholy spell
Man’s soul dissolved and bled
His poisoned words have left some scars
As burning visions swam his eyes

Midnight skies
Drown in somber dreams
And frozen stars are
Deafened by our screams

It’s the beginning of the end
Bodies burning everywhere
Generations scarred by horror
Conscience has long been dead

Hungry for the throne that never was
Dusk descends upon him on this final stage
Pain and nightmares
His legacy at best

Crumbled walls of reason
Now walking among shadows
Defeated at his game
Waiting now for the tainted gates of hell
Track Name: Where Darkness Dwells
Nothing is as it seems
This world we sought out
That's where I've found my shattered dreams
Land of perpetual emptiness and lies
Weeping skies, darkness dwells
Into the emptiness of lives
Creeping shadow, whispered spell
Seducing thoughts, impure desires

We've forgotten who we are
We've forgotten where we came from
It’s just us left behind, blinded by myths
Slaving our minds, killing our dreams
Poisoning souls, spiteful words
Quickly turn into deafening screams

Palpitating nightmares
Surging throughout pale night sky
So came the night
With its obsidian moonlight
Forging its mark into his weakened mind

Obsessed and entranced
Slowly succumbs to his fears
Crushing his will
As whirlwind of fire
Igniting his end, lost inner war

One last breath taken
As he ends his own path
Paying for sins
Freeing thoughts from haunted dreams

Closed his eyes tight
Alone in the dark
As the metal caress
Brings its thunderous sound

Icy chill driven deep into their souls
The skies are still dark
Unforgettable scars
Track Name: A Tragedy Foretold
Welcome to a world full of lies and pain
What the future holds
No one knows
Powerless agony, dying hope
Tragedies inscribed
Upon scarred soul

A place where dreams have shattered
A place where nothing matters
Slowly fading away
With the sands of time
Spurious thoughts
Rotting his brain

Nocturnal rites
Upon shadowed soul
Scorching lies
Within its own

Powerless before
Cold grasp-hidden ghost
Imminent self-destruction
Compressed needle seduction

Intangible habit which keeps living on
Dependence’s left behind its ghost
As fire-born demon poisoning souls
Destructive patterns
Masquerading thoughts

Demons leave
As desirous midnight passed
Leaving scorched ruins
As sacrifice
Asleep within moon’s scarred glow

Unattainable redemption
White-death Queen enthroned
Dusk red flowing nightmare
Death’s vale becomes undone
Track Name: Another Dimension
Unremembered memories
Walls of reason shatter
Before the cold eyes of insanity

Slowly drifting away
From the shores of consciousness
As dreams fuse with reality
New dimensions emerge

Black holes open
And new constellations are born
Dark clouds closing fast
Storming winds of racing thoughts

Pale moon shadows dance
Through kingdoms of the dead
Universal chaos
Worlds coming to an end

Fragments of the past
Intruding fake reality
Now a slave, no longer me
Forever trapped in insanity

As sullen melody
Suspended in the rain
Reason fades fast
Unknown path before me

Distorted memories
Ungraspable words
Torturous thoughts

Slowly drifting away
From the shores of consciousness
As dreams distort my reality
New dimensions emerge